Hey, you made it, and welcome to ElysiumSMP! ElysiumSMP is a semi-hardcore, worldbuilding roleplay server that offers a semi-vanilla experience. We have grief protection to protect your valuables, a balanced player-led economy, and custom roleplay experiences. We offer a friendly community of players who are dedicated to helping get your journey started. Feel free to join using the IP play.elysiumsmp.com and we hope to see you there! 

Roleplay & Creating History
Create a unique character to roleplay as and choose one of the many professions on that best fits you. Become a fearless bounty hunter who tracks the most dangerous players or become a clever diplomat forging alliances with nearby lands to create a mega empire.  The history of Elysium is up to you and every decision that occurs will leave a trace behind the world since the overworld will never reset.

Semi-Hardcore Experience

At the beginning of your survival experience, you will have 10 lives. You can gain lives by crafting hearts, buying hearts with in-game money, donations, and staff events. Watch out, if your lives ever go down to 0, you will be banned! You can be unbanned by players who are willing to give a life using a revival ceremony.

Land Protection
We offer a simple yet complex system of keeping your land safe and protected from other players. Our land claiming is highly configurable that fits your own liking. Create custom roles in your lands and assign certain powers to loyal players. You can also sanction off your claimed land into rentable or even buyable plots for your citizens to build on. You can even set tax rates for your loyal citizens as well as declare war and battle nearby lands. That's not all, you can even form an alliance between other lands and form a nation!

Staff Events
Every month, the server hosts an event that all players can attend. The events can consist of Survival Games, Trivia Games, Building Contest, Parkour, Boatsled Races, and so much more. The staff team custom builds these events and rewards the top players with in-game prizes!

Player Led Community
Our community welcomes new players onto ElysiumSMP and on our Official ElysiumSMP discord. Players use our discord to stay in touch with other players outside of Minecraft along with staying updated with the latest features and updates. You can join the discord with this link: https://discord.gg/C7KbXsU

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